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Photos from Dale’s Garden

This site is dedicated to My Sister Dale and shared with cancer survivors, cancer patients, cancer victims and their loved ones.

My Sister Dale’s Garden is a magical path lined with fruit trees, gardenias, day lilies, and many other flowering plants. When entering her garden you are immediately captivated by its tropical feel even though it’s located in the California Desert.

It all began as a tribute to my only sister, just two and a half years younger than me. Dale was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and passed away two years later after a tango like dance with the disease. .


The pictures on this website document the beauty and life that goes on after Dale’s death. Please visit the photo gallery where you will find over 5000 pictures. A whisper of Dale’s ashes grace the garden and I believe that she is the caretaker of every bulb, plant, tree and bird that flourishes. It started in a small area and then expanded to include a koi pond grape arbor and vegetable garden. Dale’s nurturing touches every living thing on our property. The garden is a testament to the bravery of cancer survivors and cancer victims.

May Dale’s Garden bring joy and hope to cancer survivors, cancer victims and those who cherish their memories.

Plant A Seed To Support Cancer Victims | Flower Tributes To Lung Cancer Victims | Flower Tributes To Cancer Victims


91 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Im craig recently I shared the last moments of life with my girlfriend, Before she went to a better place.

    We’d met through friends and exchanged numbers and for months talked endlessly in to the early hours of the morning! We’d txt all day send pics etc.

    A month and half before her passing Amy found a lump in her left breast test confirmed our worst fears cancer further test showed it to be aggressive and spreading, kemo started straight away but we were to late Amy passed in early hours of 23/9/13 age 30

    Amy taught me that if you want a true life then sacrifices and determination are needed.

    Amy was selfless making sure the life of others was of highest quailty.

    Amy came to accept jesus as saviour in those last hours.

    I know without a doubt shes is n a better place!

    Rip babe 1/1/83 – 23/9/13

  2. Dear friends of the Dale’s Garden!
    My son Kaloyan passed away one year ago because of the rare cancer disease. I would like to share my memories for him with the people who knows what means to lose a special one who fights with the devil illness. More people has some concerns to talk about but I don’t stop to looking for answers … R.I.P. my lovely son! I hope you enjoy in the Dale’s Garden together with the hostess …

  3. I am 53 years old and lost my Daddy on September 24, 2012 at 702pm. Daddy’s name WAS Gerald (Jerry). The most amazing, handsome and beautiful man that was put on earth. He was and is my life. Daddy loved Carol, my Mom of almost 60 years. Daddy and mommy were married at 18 years young. Daddy loved Susan, me,(Daughter Judy with a Root Toot Tootie), his only daughter. I do have brothers…whatever. Daddy loved his grandchildren of 5 (2 of which were mine, but only one will be spoken of, Rachel Jillian) and his only great grandchild created by Rachel, Piper Rae. Daddy loved Buttons, his chubby cocker spaniel. Daddy loved Bert, his cockatiel. Daddy loved his cars. Daddy loved his lawn. Daddy loved to fly until diabetes stopped his flight. Daddy loved Elvis. Daddy loved to golf. Daddy loved the sun on his face. Daddy loved Gunsmoke. My daddy loved, loved , loved. Daddy was tired on the Tuesday after Labor Day. My parents religiously went to their respective doctors at least twice weekly. Daddy was only 75 and diabetically controlled. Daddy and Mom led a full life. I thought it was just fatigue. On September 11 Daddy was diagnosed with liver, pancreatic, lung, stomach and progressive brain cancer. Daddy left my earth in a beautiful hospice center in Joliet, Illinois. He saw is Daddy, Ray, his Mommy, Verna Belle, his brothers, George (Tough) and Leon (Mike). My gramps told him he will die. Daddy saw all kinds of spirits. Daddy talked to many spirits. I told them to go away. Is that wrong? That’s why I know I will see Daddy in my dreams. I will feel Daddy in my hopes. Its been a short time, but I KNOW he will show me his presence. Its all I have. In the end I saw my Daddy die. I am not religious, but, I do talk to the moon and to the sun and to the clouds and say OUTLOUD DONT LET this happen to anyone. Its been days since my Daddy left me and this earth. Im just saying that I am a mess and miss my Daddy. I would have given my life for my Daddy…Jerry is that incredible…just saying! I LOVE YOU DADDY!

  4. hi guys im 13 years old and my dad has stage 4 colon cancer and has been a fighter for 8 long monthes my dad has been in and out of the hospital for that time i just want him to be happy

    my dad on friday had major sugery on his colon/intesines this is the 2nd one we all ready did 4 monthes of kemo and were starting another hopefully the blockage they went to remove was cancer and it was huge this was his chance to be cured and they could only remove 15%
    of the blockage which mean my dad can never eat food agin like not even stuff like mashed
    potatos it has to be liquid like broth etc….

    i hope my dad makes it but its not looking good and if they remove any more of the blockage it would kill him so we will see if kemo helps…. please keep him in your prayers

    1. These flowers give meaning to the words, “The world is charged with the grandeur of God!” by Gerard Manley Hopkins, more

  5. Mother would have loved these pictures. She seemed to like plants both in Georgia and Florida. Did you go back to bad weatherthere. I thought I caught sommething in the news this morning.

  6. Thank you for the supplies you donated to the YMCA (ASES) program this past Friday, the 21st. The kids enjoyed it and it was a fun time. -Nile

    I had a fun time making limeade. Thank You Very Much!! -Mariah

    1. Nile and Mariah, I’m so glad you enjoyed the limes and making limeade. I hope you get a chance to look at the garden pictures. I’ll send more fruit when it ripens.

  7. Hope all is well with you, Miriam. I look forward to seeing more of your garden, and sharing with you as in the past.

    Thanks for always following up and following through — you give us hope!

  8. Please keep sending them. I enjoy the beauty in my day and the tribute to those who we have lost (including my own husband to lung cancer).

    1. Margaret, I will restart sending you the daily “gifts from mysisterdalesgarden”—See you in the garden.

  9. This garden is in honor of my sister Beth, who, like my best friend, was a recent victim of cancer. We miss you and love you Beth, and think of you often. May you rest in peace. You are in a better place now.

  10. I am writing in honor of my friend, Cheryl who just passed after a several-year long battle with breast cancer. She was a wonderful person who will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her. I will post the beautiful video of Dale’s Garden video in honor of Cheryl. It is something she would have enjoyed viewing.

  11. Dear Miriam,
    I just found your website from the fibromyalgia support group. I have to ask, do you have fibromyalgia, or are you there for support. I am writing through tears at the most beautiful tribute to anyone I have ever seen and such love you have! I will say a prayer for Dale everytime I visit and it will be often. I am 71 and have had the fibro since my early 20’s and also multible back problems so that I’m almost bedridden. It’s a constant battle to keep active.

    But I’m writting to espress the thanks for sharing your sister’s garden with us on the web. I am so blessed, am a 14 year lung cancer survivor. I have read some of the messages on the site. I will visit the garden often. One day I will write of my love for gardens, started by my grandmother’s. I have tried through the years, and for awhile had a good start with several beautiful varieties of pink roses. but in the Texas heat and the fibro and back problems, am only left with one very hardy one called Belinda’s Dream. amd in two pots, 2 yellow Julia Childs, must be very hardy since I”ve had them for 3 years with almost no care. Somehow they have survived this summer’s mostly over 100 degrees heat here in San Antonio, Tx. I have no sisters, have always missed one, but have four younger brothers whom I love dearly. One day I hope to send something for the garden in memory of my aunt– when I am a little more moble. Thanks for chosing something for your sister that will bring so much pleasure to others

    With instant admiration and affection, Dorothy

  12. Hello, Thank you for this beautiful site. My partner of 27 years, 52 years old, died last September from brain cancer. I built a little hut for her near my garden with her ashes and plants and a Buddha. I miss her so much it is hard to bear, to get my ground again. So I garden and gather and make healing medicine ( I am an herbalist and a psychotherapist)and cry and cry. I will try to send you a picture when I am on my home computer.
    I am not sure how to access your blog, please let me know – I am curious about the bunny!
    Again, thanks, Lynnsey

  13. My mother was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago,and all I’ve been doing is looking up different ways to comfort her,all she does is cry.Im 15 and I just started wokring she was soo proud of me,it was the first time in months I had seen her smile. I want to do everything in my power to help my mother get better she means the world to me. My special memeories are all the days I get to see my mother smile!!!

  14. Dale is very lucky to have you as a sister creating such a lovely tribute to her life here on earth. You are graced with her angelic spirit that lives on in eternity what a beautiful gift to you both. I have a darling auntie that is in spirit Paddy she and I have the gift to walk together each day as well. Peace , Love and Light <3
    You asked what you could do for me today but you already did it, you made me think of how much I love my auntie and all others that are in the spirit world for one reason or another. Thank you for reminding me today of the beauty of connection to those who are no longer with us. Bless K:)

  15. Thank you for what you are doing. My father died in 1999 after nearly 2 yrs of fighting lung cancer. He was only 71 when he was diagnosed. I am an almost 5 yr breast cancer survivor. My dad’s mother, my grandmother died of colon cancer.

    Thank you for the invitation through the Yahoo BC2 group. I hope many will be inspired to view the photo galleries. Your love for your sister, runs deep in what you are doing.

  16. Lovely site.I enjoyed it very much. Flowers and the peacefulness of a garden ease a persons heart. Well done.

  17. You have inspired me to start a Garden of my own here in Florida, for My son at the age of 25 had Testicular Cancer but it had progressed into Teritoma but with the loving help of Moffitt Cancer Research Center here in Tampa, Fl he is a 6 year survivor. Thank you for all the insiration and healing process for all Debra

  18. Hi, we are in VV and it was 79 degrees a couple of days ago and will be 114 in several days more. Really unusual for area 9 northern calif. Saved over 50 gallons of high nitrogen no chlorine rain water for our garden and fruit trees.


  19. Lovely website…

    I lost my mother july 17th 2010 to lung cancer at age 56.. MEH! given 6 months to live and survived 6 weeks… whole family fell apart and my biological father moved on and found someone within 3 months and disowned me.. happy days..grr.. anyway..

    the tribute you have done..is absolutely beautiful xx..

  20. whata wonderful site and a beautiful tribuite to your sister.she must be with you every time you in the garden.what a postive thing you have created out of something so horribie.i am a cancer surivior from childhood.haveing lost family members and freinds.to cancer but june 19th 2003.at4.30am my father lost his battle with severeal different types of cancer.we have started a memerioe garden for my father with his faviourte flowers roese and gladioli.the lons and wonderfu photos is very moveing.be proud of yourself on keeping your sister memorey alive god bless.

  21. I visited mysisterdalesgarden.com to find out more about you. I was astounded at the beautiful pictures and the website itself. As a breast cancer survivor, I want you to know you have touched my heart and brightened my day. I love plants and flowers and when I saw what you had created in honor of your sister and the comments on the site, I was in tears.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this to me.

    I would love for you to come to our support group. Your sister’s zest for life still lives on and could help so many people. Her star shines brightly thru you.

  23. I was looking on the web for sites with photos of cancer. I wanted to know exactly what killed my husband. It was wonderful to come upon this site with the beautiful pictures…I then decided to look at the flowers instead of cancer. I recently lost my wonderful husband to stage 4 small cell lung cancer on Jan 31 . He fought a gallant fight but cancer was just too advanced. He lived only 5 months. I am in the process of trying to retrain my thoughts and grief from focusing on that horrible enemy of cancer to the incredible beauty in the world that will help us through…your flowers!
    What an uplifting and positive website. He loved flowers. keep up the good work as it brings peace to all who see it.

  24. What a beautiful site and what a very touching tribute to your sister and others with cancer.

    Thanks for your e-mail and compliment about the photo of the large rubber tree.

    Kind regards from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil.

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