Green Growth


Seeing all the green growth excites me. Especially when the California desert temps are in triple digits. Some of the plants, flowers and trees need a little extra care and protection from the intense sun. You may remember my umbrellas!

Please choose the Piclens to view the pictures—it will be a better experience.



  1. Anuga Herbst on

    Beautiful lush green not in the tropical. But, in the California desert. No wonder that you are excited….
    Lovely look for the end of the week.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Love, Anuga

  2. Miriam Admin on

    Beverly, thanks so much. The green in the garden is so lovely I just had to capture the beauty.

  3. Just seeing the different shapes and texures in your garden is beautiful. There is so many gorgeous points to be captured. Job well done!!!