Gift From Dale


Dale has gifted me with two special flowers this year. I’ve already shown you the Yellow Brugmansia—but on Friday she sent me a Black Gamecock Iris—- in the pond. I didn’t even see the bud forming—I was totally surprised. Here are this weeks pictures. You will see fruit and veggies from the garden including beets, carrots, mangos, peaches, loquats, fig, apricot, plums. Still on the trees are apples, oranges, lemons, peaches,mangos and mineola tangelo. The pictures are assorted flowers, Gamecock Iris, Plumeria, Crinum, Angel’s Trumpet, Columbine, Roses, Ruella, Hibiscus and sunflowers, fortnight lily and more. Lots of pictures!!!!

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  1. Anuga Herbst on

    Boker Tov & Shavua Tov,
    Wonderful flowers,fruits & veggies in Dale’s garden. How plentiful, so blessed.
    It’s a happy garden.
    Love, Anuga

  2. look at those beets ! OMG your mango’s are getting BIG.. harvest is expected when 😉

  3. When you look at it, fruit help nourish your body and it offers beauty while growing ~

  4. albertruehmann on

    I still miss Florida plants. To me, a peach will remind me of a mango.