Angel’s Trumpet Solo


The Brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpet was pruned way back. I think she’s much happier and healthier. Hidden in a corner was this one solitary bloom. I’m hoping the tree will be filled with blossoms soon. If you have time do a search by putting Brugmansia in the search box. There are lots of really pretty photos of previous blooms.


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  1. Tugee McGinnis on

    Wow, so the bud is yellow before pink, how interesting. Our yellow was yellow all the way. These are all so beautiful to watch. In Texas it was a tough year to just keep anything alive with days and days of over 100 degree heat. Think we had over 40 in a row, but am not sure. And of course we were on water restrictions, and had acres and acres of fires. But we are hearing that since so many of the wild grasses died, with some rain we could have a wonderful wildflower season, not talking about the places where the fires were. Just praying that we do get rain again. After this summer, it’s even more of a treat to be seeing views from your garden.

  2. Love Angel trumpets. Yours are beautiful! I have only pink and white. Hoping to get some of the yellows, oranges and reds…singles and doubles for next year.

  3. Robin, I am in awe of how it starts out with this long green pod and then slowly a yellow compressed flower emerges which very quickly opens into this swirly skirt of salmon pink.

  4. Linda, bundle up—it’s too cold there!! So glad that I can share the garden with friends that are experiencing cold weather.

  5. Tugee, I have a yellow one that has never bloomed—-it’s only a few years old and has had the worst time getting started. I’m hoping this is the year to see yellow.

  6. I have this wonderful plant and I must say it is one of my all time favorites ! Beautiful


  7. We love Angel Trumpets!! Thank you for sharing this! My husband had many this year! All colors., may be the best year!! They reached 10′, 12′ & 15′ feet High!! Due to frost hew had to cut them back and bring them all into our basement! They were so huge & heavy. I’m afraid he’d hurt himself. These are something else. But the blooms don’t last long!! I’m glad I can see yours!! It was 27 cold degrees here!

  8. Tugee McGinnis on

    We had a yellow one, that unfortunately froze last winter. We used to love to go out in the early evening to watch the blossoms open and wait for their lovely fragrance to fill the air. I had never seen a pink bloom. These look even more beautiful.