Banana Harvesting in Dale’s Garden


Both the Apple Banana and the Goldfinger Banana needed to be harvested. The Goldfinger has a bigger flower with ridges. The Apple Banana has a long tail with what looks like a pendant on the end. Cutting down the stalks requires some strength as the clusters are heavy. The Goldfinger has more dramatic leaves and a more interesting trunk but the Apple Banana wins the taste test hands down. When the Bananas are ready to harvest the trunk slowly dies and it’s necessary to cut it down at intervals so the root system has a chance to draw all the nutrients back into the other trees. It then withers and decomposes. Make sure to look at all the pictures.



  1. Miriam Admin on

    Pat, not quite that easy—–the whole branch comes down at one time and then ripens quickly. Not sure if it is feasible to climb the ladder and pick a bunch at a time. But it is fantastic to have bananas growing in our garden—-The thrill never gets old.

  2. Miriam Admin on

    Joanne, not enough free time on my schedule to make banana bread— just freezing them for smoothies. Although if time permits I could defrost some and make muffins.

  3. Miriam Admin on

    Marie, these bananas are growing in the California desert. I don’t feed them anything—my sister nurtures the garden from above.

  4. Wow I never saw those even in pic. How Cool!! They’re something I live on. During Chemo I couldn’t eat these! Your pix. shows such love, care & devotion!

  5. Oooh, WOW! That is amazing! Great pictures!! My apple banana died in the California winter 🙁 My Williams and java blue are doing well, but not big enough for flowers or fruit. Where do you live? Do you feed them? Thanks for all the pics and info!!

  6. I am so proud of you, I would never have thought that you would become the horticulturalist that you are. I remember a few plants in your apartment on Middlefield rd, but nothing like this beautiful garden that you have now.