1. I posted to face book. It is really beautiful. Do u compost them?
    My roses were more beautiful this fall than ever.
    I bought a new house this week that had a rose tree. The vines were branches w/
    bark.The roses are red. I have taken many cuttings and pray tha some root.

  2. Hey Mir: When you have nothing else to do, please print out that whole page of Barbra’s roses , trim and arrange on heavy stock collage fashion and I’ll frame it for my house up here. I LOVE IT. Since I don’t have a nice man to send me roses, I can pretend.

  3. A great delight to see such beautiful color (s).
    A wonderful way,
    to start the day.
    We are so thankful to you Miriam for making each day so special by sharing dale’s garden.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Love, Anuga

  4. The Barbra Rose is a lovely bright spot for first thing Monday morning, when it is still dark outside and I’m getting eady for work. Very elegant. Thanks for sharing.