1. Tugee, these roses are placed close to the house—in front of my window seats—so they are protected somewhat. Sometimes I take photos through the window and can capture different shades of color.

  2. Tugee McGinnis on

    Never have seen one this brilliant. Guess the Tx sun burns the color out just like it does the roses. Beautiful here.

  3. Gorgeous! I had one years ago but it never bloomed. I lost it after about 8 or 9 years…my fault. Then I waas told they took 10 years to bloom. Was wondering…Is this fact? Would love another but not sure I have 10 years left to wait for blooms.

  4. it’s a strange memory, but for my 18th birthday, my father brought in anthuriums and tons of birds of paradise for a tropical but elegant birthday party for my friends. i don’t think texas had seen such an exotic, tropical setting, lol. they always remind me of when i was young and felt like i could do just about anything… thanks for the memories! 😉

  5. Bird of paradise = the name speaks for itself. In Dale’s garden the orange color is so vivid.
    Just as in Kauai.
    It is interesting that this plant does well in humid climate as well as in the dry weather in our desert.