Bunny Frolics With The Birds


I still haven’t caught this cute bunny. So far it hasn’t eaten anything precious. I’ve tried all the suggestions that have been sent to me. Maybe it was sent to entertain me because it does some of the weirdest things. It chases the birds, runs back and forth and every so often jumps up like something has nipped at its heels. If anyone can identify the black speckled birds please let me know. They are a new addition to our yard.



  1. i will not add another comment regarding the bunny, butttttt, i love my plate to be pretty too, and he is dining better than spago’s, tavern on the green, or the top of the mark, (dates me doesn’t it) and i can tell the company is better, lol. love to have these wonderful pictures to see every morning. thank you, and be a good bunny, just eat the good stuff, do not break the crystal, and don’t forget the tip (20% is standard, 25% if you want a good table next time). but in truth it is rare to see a rabbit in my part of florida, i have by my friends house there is one we have seen for a couple of years now, but i think it escaped by the look of it, small and round, not rangey and wild looking like the rabbits i used to see when i lived west.

    sorry for the book

    jan in palatka

  2. Anuga Herbst on

    Here in the “woods” there are many bunnies enjoying the huge grass areas in the community.
    They sure are very cute.

  3. desert bunnies have bigger ears – to help stay cool..very cute, enjoy don’t fear the hopper 🙂
    i think if it was going to cause plant issues it would have.
    Those are European Starlings…lighter colored one’s most likely this seasons fledglings, darker speckled is a male.

  4. Bunnies are sooo cute to watch when they leave our plants alone. I know they have to eat but there is plenty of grass and weeds. lol

  5. i love the bunny, charlie the dog wants to love a bunny, just his is stuffed, but he never hurts it, it is his baby, actually charlie the dog never hurts any of his toys, he carries them around and loves them and brings all of them to bed everynite. strange dog for a older pup (18 mo old mutt), so pretty and so much fun to get your e every day

    jan in palatka