1. Mike, we think it was a she—and she has been relocated to a friends property where she can find her prince charming and let mother nature determine her destiny. She was never a destructive bunny—she only ate what fell to the ground—at least I never found any evidence of damage. This is the third bunny to invade our property in four years—the others were destructive–that’s why I panicked when I first spotted her. However she was more entertaining—but she curtailed my enjoyment of the garden because I never knew where she would appear and startle me.

  2. You would think that after three months of such a good diet, it’d be fatter. 🙂 So, is it destined for the freezer?

  3. He adorable! He is a Jack Rabbit and they are becoming exceedingly rare these days. He’s a lucky guy that you took care of him! A friend once told me to sprinkle white flour on emerging plants to scare off the rabbits and birds… it works!

  4. I am sad and happy at the same time. I’m relieved to have the peaceful garden back—although for the next 3-4 weeks I will still be tentative when exploring the garden— conditioned to expect the bunny to suddenly peek out.. I wish we could have kept the bunny in a pen and fed it—-but it wouldn’t have been a good life—-there are too many predators and we couldn’t keep it as safe as it kept itself with its natural instincts. I also think if we hadn’t caught the bunny I would have found it dead on the property somewhere because the life expectancy for most cottontails is less than a year. At a friends location mother nature will care for the bunny and she will be with other bunnies.

  5. How Sweet! My husband says he knows cotton tail rabbits. He says the ears are too big. He’s thinking more of a jack rabbit. But aww.. won’t you miss him or her? I know ones always munched on some nice stuff of ours! I hope this rabbit will get a nicer, yummier habitat to live in! As always thank you for sharing! I am smiling even with a migraine!