Cereus Just Appeared


I had no idea that the cereus outside the front gate had flower buds. Usually I am stalking the flowers and counting the minutes until they open. This morning I was lucky that the bloom hadn’t closed and I could snap a few pictures. Now that I know there are other buds I guess I will be checking nightly for the magic of their opening. I almost forgot to mention that this cereus was over 10 ft. tall. It was up against the house and not stable. We decided to divide it and put at the entrance to the house. Unfortunately the javalina or deer┬ástarted snacking on it. We fenced it in and it has taken almost a year for it to recover.



  1. In all my 30+ years living in Arizona I have never seen a Cereus that size— tall & big around & that many buds & blossoms on one stalk— not even at the Phoenix or Tucson Botanical Gardens! All your plants surely love you like you love them!
    Miz Enid

  2. Shelby Snider on

    The flowers are beautiful!! I know the feeling of finding surprises. I have some that are only open one day and if I miss going out a couple of days, I will miss it completely.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh wow, look at ALL the buds!! I’m going to run down to my lower yard to see if mine is blooming, completely forgot, omg!!!