Cleopatra Blooms Again


I’m so happy that this Canna has bloomed true to her original color. I divided and transplanted the cannas and wasn’t sure what to expect. They seem to be doing fine and many of them are sending up flower shoots. Warm weather has awakened the plants and trees. Peach, grapefruit and orange blossoms are lovely. I’m a little concerned about the iris. So far only one has flower stalks—-maybe its still early—have to be patient and wait and see.



  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos. We still have so much snow on the ground here so it’s nice to see such bright colourful blooms.

  2. I Always enjoy your sisters garden~many blessings for sharing it with us! It is always a bright part of my day when I receive your email.
    Thank You!!! ??

  3. Beautiful! And my dear friend, if only you could see my desert in full bloom… you would love it! The rains have given me the most spectacular showing of wildflowers that I have ever seen here in the hills. Every color, bright and sparkling. It’s amazing. Thanks for sharing your flowers! Karen

  4. Pam Mastrianni on

    Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing. Most of the one’s you gave us are in a shaded corner and haven’t sprung yet. We do have two in a pot on the patio and it’s beautiful but no flowers yet.

  5. Hi Miriam,

    WOWZERS!! How could you get a flower anymore cheerful than this canna! Thank you for keeping me on your list.

    I have heard that the spring blooms in the desert this year should be especially spectacular. The report said that many varieties of annuals lie dormant for years if their seeds do not get enough rainfall to germinate in the fall. Apparently this year many desert areas got rain at the right time and expectations are high for a splendid show of many flower types that have been lying in wait to bloom for many years. Here’s to your natural wonders!