1. This little flower has become known as “Annie’s Butterfly”! for some reason they seem to look like butterflies to me (in a flower kind of way). I often call Annie “my butterfly” because she came to me so broken and in a “shell”. after 9.5 years in a horrible puppy mill, she not only made it through, she has come alive in amazing ways. she has now blossomed into an amazing little fur baby. This one’s for you, Annie, my little butterfly!

  2. WOW! So dainty yet so beautiful. I had never heard of them before. You have some really unique flowers that we don’t get to grow on this side of the country. Thanks for sharing.

  3. anuga herbst on

    It is so delicate. The colors are beautiful.
    I dedicate it to you, Miriam.
    You too are so delicate & kind.
    Thanks for Special Dale’s garden.

    Love, Anuga

  4. Wow! I never heard of these! They do look like butterflies! I can see the beauty of this garden without taxing my body to walk outside. I love your gardens and all the flowers you share! Thank you!