Collection of Sunrise and Sunsets


Here’s a collection of some of the beautiful sunrise and sunsets I’ve had the pleasure to capture. The pictures can never display how large the sky is or how it towers over reducing me to a spec below its grandeur.

There’s new wording on the home page. It now reads

This site is dedicated to My Sister Dale

Shared with

Those who have passed

Those who have put cancer behind them

Current cancer patients

And loved ones.


 I removed the words “victim” and “survivor” to reflect a more positive message.

Notice the scroll feature to view the pictures. You can scroll, slide and enlarge to full screen instead of the smaller pictures. Thanks for your patience while I make changes to improve the website. Let me know if you can’t open up the link or if you get a million emails in one day—stuff happens.

See you in the garden,





  1. Thanks for continuing to send out the photos of Dale’s Garden. It must be such a different experience for you to be in the Arizona climate. And I’m sure it was difficult for you to leave your original Dale’s Garden. But you have some of it in your new garden and it will always remind you of your sister.

    I have recently gone through chemo and radiation and am now cancer free. One of my sisters also had cancer and had chemo. She is fine now and both my sisters had heart attacks and needed stents. They are both doing well. So I know how fortunate we are to have come through these ordeals.

    My two sisters both quilt and they made me a stunning quilt when I was sick. We have hung it over our bed. I appreciate your photos because they remind me of the connection between my sisters and myself. Plus they’re lovely too.
    I look forward to receiving photos as the garden grows.

  2. Dear Miriam: What Nancy N. said, and better than I ever could! So happy you are celebrating your sister’s life in this lovely way…

  3. Nancy, We are glad we moved here too!! The sky is the best ever!! Can’t wait to see what all the season’s bring.

  4. HI Miriam..
    Great pics.. since I have been here now almost 15 years… I have such a collection.. stunning.. hard to say which is the best… I am glad you moved here as I can tell.. you honor the planet and help with care for her with your loving touch to the gardens and generous Spirit! Keep up the caring stewardship and love for all.. except that tomato bug! LOL.. Keep well… Warm regards,

  5. sharon johnson on

    Nothing like seeing stately SAGUAROS reaching their arms toward hand painted skies…these are so lovely Mir, you captured one of Arizona’s landmarks at it best…

  6. Beautiful Arizona sunrise & sunsets pictures for the cancer “winners”.
    May they continue to be winners, and let us sat AMEN!

  7. Marvelous!

    It’s especially nice to see a sunset from another state! It’s not often I get to see a cactus and a sunset…..I’ve only ever seen those in the WIld West Movies I watch on Encore Western.

    ^ _ ^

    p.s. – i’ve been in the garden!!