1. What a lovely surprise to see you again, Thank you. I sure missed you and Dales Garden. Hope all is well on your home front.
    I have wanted to grow all kinds of Voodoo Lily for a long time. They really interest me.
    Look forward to getting more when you have time.
    God Bless!

  2. Welcome back, Miriam! I’ve missed the pictures of your beautiful flowers.

  3. Who, or what, can create such fantastic shapes and forms as the mother nature? Nobody, because we all are her children!

  4. Trish Allin on

    What a lovely surprise this morning to find your email in my inbox. I look forward to receiving more as time permits for you. Thank you.


  5. Anuga Herbst on

    So glad to hear from Dale’s garden & to see the very unique drancunculus.
    Looking forward for some more pictures whenever you have the time.
    I want to dedicate the drancunculus to Darrell Jacob who is fighting cancer. I hope he will win !
    Love, Anuga

  6. Welcome back Miriam and Dale. What a great way to start posting again, by sending the Dracunculus photos. The best part is seeing yours in bloom means mine are only a couple of weeks away. Thank you.
    Mary Jane
    P.S. I’m wondering whether your Papillio Amaryllis that I sent have bloomed? We’ve had so many in bloom this year.

  7. How nice to hear from you after all these months, I hope you are doing well. The pictures are lovely as usual. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Shelby Snider on

    These are so rare and beautiful, it’s a shame they are only open for one day.

  9. Welcome back! I’ve missed seeing your pretty things that make me smile.