Elephant Ear/Taro


The elephant ear is strikingly beautiful–huge and green. The zebra of the plant family. Here is one that is flowering. I caught it as the bud appeared but missed the days it flowered. I do love its decline there’s something attractive about it.

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  1. Beverly, I’m not sure if it will produce seeds–I’m keeping an eye on it and will let you know.

  2. I have grown elephant ears however I have never seen one bloom. It does look to be going to seed as well. Is this true or is it the bloom? Interesting!!!

  3. It is the first time that I see the flower of an elephant ear.
    There is always something new to see in Dale’s garden.

  4. WOW in all the years i have had and been around elephant ear plants, i have never seen one flower! and in the south, where i’m from, they don’t die back in the winter unless we have a really bad year. wild! thanks for sharing, Miriam! too cool!