1. I am in the Yucatan doing mission work for 6 weeks, and will be returning with about 800 cuttings of euphorbia I have collected in Belize, Guatemala, and here in Mexico over the past 10 years. Most are red, and there are only about ten types I have located in this region. I have never seen one like the one you have. Most of mine are the traditional crown of thorns type with stems about the width of my thumb, a few are double that size.

    Hope you are well. I enjoy your mail. Have a great holiday!

  2. Yofi = beautiful.
    I love tiny flowers & the Euphorbia hits the spot.
    Happy Weekend.
    Love, Anuga

  3. That you’ve shared the garden with us, each and every day ~ has made it like Christmas all the year ’round

    Thanks Miriam – I hope your holiday season is wonderful

  4. the Euphorbia family is crazy diverse, this one has very cute flowers and gets Ginormous – well grown.