First Iris Blooms As Spring Arrives In Dales Garden


The weather is beautiful and the garden is thriving. The first Iris has bloomed and the Oro Blanco, Cara Cara Orange, Meyer Lemon, Limequat, Pomegranate and Apple tree are in full bloom. There are two birdhouses hidden in the trees with expectations that wrens will choose to nest and start their families.



  1. Thank you for including me in these posts. Citrus blossom is one of my favorite scents. I think of you each time I see a pomegranate. Love the vintage-look bird house with the drawer pull as a perch. Your fig tree really filled-in nicely. I imagine your vegetable garden is going gang busters! I miss seeing your wildlife: deer, bobcat, javalina, etc.

    Wags & Hugs,

    Enid Aimee : 0 )

  2. Gorgeous pictures and with such detail that I can almost SMELL the blossoms on the trees. Thank you for making us stop and see the beauty..simply LOVELY

  3. Beautiful.
    Here in RMV the succulents are blooming too.
    Best wishes for a great Passover.
    B’Shalom, Anuga

  4. Love this time of the year. Down here in San Felipe, Baja, the brittle bush is blooming as is the ocotillo. Soon the desert sand verbena will carpet the desert floor and the cacti will be in bloom. we have a bush down here, chuparosa that is similar in a ppearance to your small red flowers. The hummingbirds love it,