For Dale—Gone 13 Years


There is so much beauty in the garden. Enjoy these pictures. The Black Gamecock Iris finally appeared. Included are a Bobcat, Coyote and Diamondback Rattlesnake all visitors to our backyard.



  1. Karen, You are the best!! Thank you for watching over the original garden. You played such a big part in keeping it beautiful. Hugs

  2. WOW! Grand photos of the predatory wildlife. They surely love & covet your available water supply, as well as, encamp for the abundant supply of prey food that also love & covet the water supply.

    Flora & fauna looks grand too. Wish I could see a pull-out, wide shot to get perspective of the whole garden.

    How is the vegetable garden doing in the heat? Maybe monsoon relief in another few weeks.

    Hugs backatcha,

    Enid Aimee, L. P. N.*
    (*L.oving N.anny)

  3. Miriam–I love what you have done with your gardens! Great pics, but you were always so good at that, I am keeping Dale’s Garden here in CA beautiful in her memory as well.People tell me every week how lovely the gardens are. And I have told many of them what Dale’s Garden means. They love it, and that makes me happy.

  4. Wow…. I’m blown away that you were able to capture those pics with the bee inside of the petal!!

    I wish I could smell those sunflowers ^ _ ^

  5. Kathy Henrickson on

    Mir, your photography is beautiful, your memory of Dale is one to be admired and cherished. You are truly one of the kindest friends in my life. I love you❤️

  6. Sharon Michael on

    Beautiful. My grandmother, who has been gone for many years now, loved iris and had beautiful ones in her garden as well. Reminds me of her ….

  7. Julie Ferro on

    Such a stunning tribute to your sister. What once was just flora is now visiting fauna also!

    With much love on this special day,


  8. sue mizrahi on

    Dearest Miri –
    These are the most glorious reminders of Dale – My face hurts from smiling!
    Love. Susie