Fruit From The Garden


It’s not pretty but it protects the fruit from all the birds. When it comes to oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limequats, kumquats, pomegranate and persimmons I don’t share—with the birds. The woodpeckers, thrashers and wrens—just to name a few—- go after the fruit that we have worked so hard to nourish. We are really looking forward to home grown oranges and grapefruit. The Fuyu persimmon tree produced 30 small fruit. Not bad for the first year in the ground. They are sweet unlike some from the market. We relocated it closer to the vegetable garden so think good thoughts that it will adjust to the new location. The Oro blanco grapefruit has 40 large fruits that are protected by the mesh laundry bags. There are about 15 Cara Cara oranges hidden inside the “unmentionable” delicates washing bags. The bags last from year to year and will be protecting the upcoming Asian pears, loquats, peaches, apricots and plums.



  1. Hello, I lost my grandfather to metastatic brain cancer on may 15 this year (the same day as my best friends birthday and a week before my 21st birthday, funny how things work out eh?). I attempted to look for Christmas gifts today and broke down, I then found a post by you on a article concerning dealing with loss during the holidays.
    I had been toying with the idea of planting a papaya tree in memory of my grandfather (he grew up in Tonga as a boy before moving to New Zealand) but had decided it would fail. You’ve Inspired me to at least try.

    Your Website is great, ive bookmarked it 🙂 I think dedicating living trees, plants, flowers etc to loved ones is so beautiful.

    Thank You

  2. I can certainly understand your not wanting to share with the birds after all your work in the fruit garden. This year we had thousands of small damson plums and I was looking forward to sharing them with friends and neighbours. One day we had a torrential rain and wind all day and all night. When I got up the next morning, I saw the deer eating the plums that had been knocked down. Likely the fox and the raccoon enjoyed them too. There were only about 10 % of the plums left on the trees. We were able to share with only a couple friends. But the animals really enjoyed what fell.

    Happy eating.

  3. Walt, I did poke holes in the plastic!! But the pomegranates are bursting at the seams. Next year I will use the cloth bags on all fruit. Yes I am officially a farmer.

  4. Wow, who ever would have thought that Miriam, the disco queen, would become a farmer, lol. One question, are you not afraid that the fruit will “cook” in the plastic, or did you put vent holes in the containers?