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 Thank you for visiting Dale’s Garden. There are so many beautiful flowers and plants in her garden. I have a hard time deciding what to photograph. The flowers never look the same–they change from moment to moment. I appreciate every detail that my sister Dale guides me to notice. Please return often as the garden is constantly changing. 

People have asked to see some video of the garden. It’s been fun sharing the garden this way. Here is a parial list of YouTube video clips of the garden. I have to offer a disclaimer–I am not a professional videographer so please ignore any imperfections. For the complete list go to

   Part 1 of 4

Dale’s Garden Music Video was created as a tribute to my sister Dale and the ongoing challenge to conquer cancer. For ease of viewing the original full length version has been separated into 4 parts. I’m hoping this is used for many different purposes. It is my intention to bring joy and peace of mind to anyone who is undergoing medical treatment of any kind and contribute to a successful outcome. My hope is that it be played in the room of someone who is attended by hospice in their final days and let it be a visual and music background for loved ones and family. For those challenged with depression, anxiety or insomnia—it is meant to distract and recapture the memories and joy in someone’s heart. This has been a labor of love for me. I strongly believe that Dale nourished and guided me to the flowers so I can share them with you. All I had to do was click the camera.

Truly a joint effort. I took the photos and selected the music.

Jim Brickman graciously allowed the use of his music which so beautifully compliments the grace of the flowers.

Special thanks to Joe Hernandez of Home Video Studio who gently blended the music and photos.

  Part 2 of 4

  Part 3 of 4


   Part 4 of 4

  Tour of Dale’s Garden October 2011

                                            Duranta Geisha Girl  Mother’s Day Angel’s Trumpet May Peaches  Crinum Producing Seeds   Angel’s Trumpet

Thumbnail  Red Flare Water Lily  Philodendron Selloum   Protecting the figs

Thumbnail Dorsett Apple

Thumbnail    Red Canna

Thumbnail  Water Lilies

Thumbnail  Fortnight Lily

Thumbnail  Loquats April 2011–Protecting fruit from birds  April 2011 Walk in the Garden

Thumbnail  Oxalis and Star of Good Hope

Thumbnail  Sundrops Primrose

Thumbnail    Crinum
Thumbnail  Roses 3-28-11
Thumbnail  Water lilies,Iris and Lotus 3-27-11


 Thumbnail    Dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor

Thumbnail   House Finch Nest

Thumbnail   Date Palm Blossoms

Thumbnail  Hibiscus, Purple Columbine, Trumpet Vine

Thumbnail  Bewick Wren Making Nest

Thumbnail   Charlene Strawn Water Lily

Thumbnail   Purple Freesia Walk In The Garden

Thumbnail   Water Lily and Pond

Thumbnail  Agave Parryi

Thumbnail   Euphorbia Xxanti

Thumbnail  Pentas and Hibiscus

Thumbnail   Oranges, Peach Tree, Roses
Thumbnail   Tulip, Oxalis and Pond


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