Hail Storm and Canna Leaves


Yesterday morning I walked the garden and was thrilled with all the beautiful Canna, Sunflowers and assorted other beauties. The canna leaves are gorgeous with their individual leaf patterns. The sunflowers are so high and just about to open. Then in a matter of hours we had a huge wind, rain and hail storm. The hail shredded the beautiful leaves and bent the sunflower stalks. See the before and after pictures. Oh, look at the hail accumulation in the shade cloth in the vegetable garden. When it was all over I snapped a few pictures of the beautiful eerie sky. Lots of pictures to see so make sure to slide or click the arrow to see them.



  1. Lisa, you are so right I would love the weather in Seattle at 90. When we lived there it was always cold, wet and dreary. But the lush green trees and plants were beautiful. Send me some pictures of your roses. The plants are recovering. Fairy lilies blooming and the sunflowers are showy. Will put pictures in my next post.

  2. Just got a chance to look at your pictures–thank goodness you went out the first time and were able to admire all the beauty before the storm hit. The water on the ground post-storm looks more like Seattle than Arizona… Maybe call it Dale Creek? 🙂 You’d like the weather here in Seattle this year–we had temps as high as 90 degrees *in April* and at least once a month since! My roses are gorgeous–over 7 feet tall in June…that’s the first time ever they’ve been that tall so early in the year. Hope you’re well and that your lovely plants have recovered!

  3. Shelby, Good to see you visiting the garden. I don’t remember the Bear’s Breeches—I think you sent me something else for the California garden. Hope you got a chance to look at all the Arizona pictures.

  4. Shelby Snider on

    Miriam, I just found you again!! Had wondered how you were doing. You may not remember me, but I think I sent you some plants called “Bear’s Breeches” . How did they do for you? you were a member of a yahoo gardening group that I was also a member. Sounds like you are doing great!
    Maybe I can keep up with you now.

    Shelby Snider

  5. sharon johnson on

    once again you captured both sides of a story…IT is awesome to see nature unfurl itself and still see the beauty. Love how the canna leaves shredded as if they were cut for a craft or something…the glut of hail that was caught also provided a very interesting photo. Thankful for the rain and cannot wait for next post to see the revive and thrive photos…thanks for sharing

  6. The sun came out and brightened everything up. Then yesterday we had another downpour but without wind. This time there was no damage just plants slurping up the rain. The leaves will grow out and the sunflowers are about to blossom. When they do I will post new pictures. Thanks for all your comments.

  7. I am soooo sorry that you had the damage!See what you can trim and stack.. Praying much returns for you!
    I did not incur so much …more rain then hail! Thank God… Still lots of extra work for clean up but.. grateful for every drop!
    We were blessed to have the rain though the desert was so dry… It is a great start to the monsoons…
    Thank God you had the veggie garden covered!
    There is nothing like rain to make things grow! I was so happy for the rain.. a gift from heaven! Good Luck!

  8. Hail can cause tremendous damage. My friends Jeep was totalled because of the dame , he also needed a new roof and windshield on his Tiffin Phaeton motorhome. This while he was at Hart Ranch in Rapid City.
    It looks like the netting prevented even more damage. The good thing is that the plants will recover.

  9. wow that must have been some storm. we had a 5.2 earthquake a few nights ago, it was quite a shaker, no damage, but it happened at 104 am and i couldnt go back to sleep