Happy Holidays 2011


I want to wish all my garden friends a wonderful, healthy, Happy Holiday Season. You’ve all touched my heart in so many ways. Here’s what is going on in Dale’s Garden taken through my kitchen window.

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  1. What beautiful sites you see out your window in December. Normally this time of the year all you would see out my windows would be white snow with the trees sticking out. lol This year however it is all brown. Temps are freezing but the little snow we have rec’d has left. Very strange year but I am not complaining…yet. lol
    Thank you for all the joy you have spread to us through Dales beautiful garden. I know she is proudly looking down on all you are doing.
    Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012 to you and yours!!!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Beautiful; Miriam – thanks for sharing with us all year long. It’s been a wonderful gift; happy holidays!

  3. Miriam,
    Thanks for sharing the beauty in Dale’s Garden. 🙂 What is the name of the yellow rose?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Vicki in West MI

  4. Gloria Weber Baikauskas on

    So wonderful for you that all of this is still growing! So nice to be able to turn to these photos and dream of the warm weather’s return in a few months here in N. Texas. By February we will be planting, but I can feel the warmth from your gardens for now.

    Thanks for continuing to share this all in Dale’s memory!

    Have the best of holidays!

  5. Dale’s garden & everything in it is so very precious.
    You take such good care of this wonderful special place.
    Benny & I wish you & yours Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holiday Season & a fantastic New Year !
    Yours, Anuga

  6. Miriam, I wish you and yours a very happy holiday and a brilliant new year! Thank you for the blessings of flowers, plants and goings on in Dale’s Garden! I say a special prayer of thanks, to her, for bringing you and the garden into my daily life. Blessings! Alex

  7. very nice, if you send me some of the lemons, I’ll make a lemon cheesecake for you, lol. still in AZ, will be here till after the beginning of the year. Then to Mexico. Merry Christmas to the both of you.

  8. Dear Miriam,
    Thanks to you and Dale for sharing so much of yourselves this year. GOD BLESS YOU! May the holidays bring you PEACE!
    Mary Jane

  9. Thank you for all of the wonderful photos over the past few months. I have enjoyed them very much. Your sister would be so touched by the beauty that you have created which was inspired by her life.

    Just to keep you up to date on our Hospice-we had our first open house, craft and bake sale. We have acquired a beautiful old building which used to be a convent. After it is renovated it will be such a lovely warm place for those who need to be there. The community has been so generous with their donations and we have far surpassed what we expected in monetary gifts.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  10. The color yellow out in nature is so stunning. I love using it were ever I can.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty and serenity of Dales Garden all throughout the year.