Holiday Flowers 2016


The oxalis are beautiful this time of year. Very vibrant colors. The temperature is cooler and they seem to be thriving. Big surprise for me yesterday—-an Iris sent up a flower shoot. It’s going to be purple if it opens. I’ve covered it the last two nights to give it every chance of blooming. I’ll keep you posted. Oh, the pomegranates have survived the birds. The plastic cups I enclosed them in did the trick—for the most part. The results are funny. Some of the poms grew large and took on the shape of the cup. Some of the cups split where I had air holes and the birds got to them. All in all I’m please with our bounty of about 20 or so pomegranates. Keeping them on the tree until this week resulted in beautiful garnet color and sweeter fruit. Next year I will skip the plastic cups and use the laundry bra bags which will allow them to keep their shape but exclude the birds. Happy Holidays to my garden friends.



  1. Pomegranate is one of my favorite rich, reds. I had the experience of a pomegranate vinegar in a restaurant many years ago. Could never get the vinegar locally, but, even so, would never be able to replicate the dish— a vnegar reduction over fresh strawberries with sweet, whipped mascarpone and cracked, roasted pistachios. Wondering if you know how to make fruit vinegar since you are such an accomplished cook, just as you are a gardener! Hugs, Miz Enid.