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Blooms are everywhere. Forsythia, apple, peach and more. The first picture is called Glory of the Snow Blue Giant—it looks like an iris and is very short. We bought a Fuyu persimmon tree to add to our garden. It’s got buds and leaves—can’t wait. On a sad note we are draining our water lily ponds and turning them into plant beds with lots of iris and other stuff. The bees have taken over the ponds and it’s impossible to be out there without them flying into you. This area has few water sources for them and they have latched on to our ponds even though we have set up two water sources for them. I guess we will put the water lilies in those ponds and have to admire them from a distance. I got a new camera and am experimenting with the different features—some pictures are better than others.



  1. Love looking at your beautiful flowers however it is a lot of hard work…It shows. However happy to know you have a strong power helping out.
    Keep up the great work.
    Hugs, Beverly

  2. I’ve never looked at the fine details in so many flowers as I have since looking at your photos. Good luck with the new camera.

  3. Hi Miriam! Guess what? I saw a woodpecker in Dale’s Garden the other day! Tapping away in the Peach tree. Thanks for sharing you pics~ Karen

  4. You’ve done a beautiful job. Always love my walks around the garden. It is so beautiful!!! Sorry to hear about your water lily pond and the bees. I always wanted to have some in my tub I got for it but they are so very spendy around here so I never set it up.

    Thank you and Hugs from Beverly

  5. Hi Miriam.. How lovely.. Yes, things are really blooming.. I am praying for rain here very soon! We so need it..Sorry about the bees… I know water sure attracts them.. if we get rain…maybe they will let up..
    Ok.. Happy Spring!
    nancy and all my girls!