Iris Are Blooming


The Iris are opening. I originally bought the iris for 3 water lily ponds but here in Tucson the bees took over the ponds and I was devastated. So we filled in the ponds—put the water lilies in the back in a huge galvanized tub and let the bees go at it. I can see the water lilies when they bloom looking out my kitchen window. I took all the marginals and planted them in the pond beds. They are growing really tall and beautiful. Not everything has bloomed yet so I will wait to see what I end up with. Mother Nature constantly surprises me with colors that are nothing like I planted. Jokes on me!!




  1. When i lived down the hill from you the bee’s were horrible as well .. wild and boxed hive bees, drinking the dogs and chickens water like they owned it all .. the Iris are pretty …

  2. Shelby Snider on

    Iris are one of my favorites also. Our frog pond is a mud bottom pond so I can enjoy my water iris there. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your flowers!!

  3. that is one thing I miss about our house, I had over 100 different types of irises that I had planted. I bought the rhizomes from different dealers and planted them all over the property. My favorite was Superman follwed by Lions Mane. I also had planted numerous types of Daffodils because I learned that deer do not like either but love tulips.Nice going yours look great.

  4. Awwww no joke~they are gorgeous colors! Very unique! Iris are one of my favorite flowers but I don’t have any. Thank You for letting me know what bees like, I am trying to entice them to my yard. They are getting so rare to see lately. Love your posts~they brighten my day!!
    Thank You for sharing ??

  5. Thanks for sharing Mir. These are just beautiful!!

    The mention of bees brought back many memories of our dear Dale. She was definitely not a fan of yellow jackets!! :o)