Javalina 7-7-18


This morning a single Javalina was drinking from the pond. It looked hurt. As it walked away it turned its front legs under and started crawling. It was sad. It stopped and collapsed in the open of our backyard. This is when I snapped the pictures. After about 10 minutes it got up which was encouraging but it was still crawling. We thought it was eating some plants by the edge of our deck. To our surprise it was burrowing and is now under our deck. We called Wildlife and they can’t do anything. So we are waiting it out. There is a humane trapper who will come by and remove it for $100. We are just weighing all our options at this point. The best news would be that is was just resting and will come out when the sun goes down.

Update……We stomped on the deck and Javalina bolted out and ran into the desert. Still looked like leg was injured. We have been told that it might come back for the seclusion and protection. Screening that area is on the list of urgent projects.



  1. We couldn’t have had a better outcome. The Javalina is back in the desert where it belongs. Hopefully it was just dehydrated and got the needed rest and protection under our deck. My husband has secured the area and we won’t have any more Javalina looking for shelter there. We plan on putting a short stucco wall so the Javalina and rabbits won’t be able to get to our deck but will allow us to view all the wildlife at the pond. It’s on the project list. LOL

  2. Patty Sliney on

    Oh gosh Miriam. Hoping for the best outcome. So hard to watch an animal struggle.

  3. Linda Landowski on

    I’m grateful to see a post from you. I learned what a new species is. I hope it will heal well. Thank you for all of the kindness you do and share. I’m having a Bad Day. With my husband ill. I’m not much better. I’m in my second Ardous Cancer fight all year… It is nice to see Dale’s garden pop up. Wishing you all life’s very Best.

  4. Darrell Hutchinson on

    The foot looks bad. La javelina may be selecting a place to die. We’re guessing you’ll know the outcome soon. Alas. Darrell & Monica

  5. Trish, We have a small pond out there that provides water to deer, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, rabbits, squirrels, birds, lizards etc. Today the temp. is 102 in the shade. Glad we can provide the water.

  6. Shelby, Javelina, also known as collared peccary, is a species of hoofed mammal that belongs to the family of New World pigs. It can be found in North, Central and South America. Javelina inhabits deserts, areas covered with shrubs and cacti, woodlands, grasslands and tropical rainforests.

  7. I’ve never seen a javelina. Poor thing. I hope it’s going to be OK. Did you give it some water?


  8. Shelby Snider on

    I am have never heard of this animal. Is it in the wild bore family? Thank you for looking out for it! I hope it will be ok.

  9. sharon johnson on

    WOW, keep your eyes open , anxious to see the resolution, hope he is not hurt and just look for SHADE… great photo my friend