Loquats Are Early


This is way early for loquats. Usually the blossoms start in December. It will be interesting to see if the fruit grows when the weather turns cooler. Hope our crop this year is as prolific as the last one. For those of you who are new to the photos—check out how we protected the fruit. http://bigbuzzspecialevents.com/mysisterdalesgarden/photo-gallery/loquats-april-2011/

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  1. Very Cool!! I’ve never seen these. Thank you for sharing some Happiness & Flowers for all of us to Love & Enjoy!

  2. That’s a good idea. But it will be a difficult decision to decide what season —the citrus, the stone fruit season or the flower season!!

  3. Renee, your mother’s story sounds like my sisters. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Losing someone is so difficult. I will keep both of you in my thoughts—especially when I walk the garden.

  4. I reallly do love what you have done in your sisters memory..I honestly feel like I can feel the love you have for her & wish everyone had this type of love.
    My Mama is the one I want to share about, she was a beautiful loviing person who loved any & all type of flowers trees or anything GOD created for our pleasure. Her battle with stage 4 lung cancer (a non smoker)was fought with a strong upper lip which Mama was known for having. She knew the end would come but we all know that & I really don’t know if most could prepare or fight as hard as she did. Her first words were, o.k…lets do everything we can to beat it if we can and if not then we all know we tried our best. I was with her when the news was announced to her & I was with her for all the treatments tests words of advice & then I was with her for her last breath. I could never had asked for a better Mama or role model for her attack to her disease, her smile never left her face or her grace of being a lady never left her. I loved her with my whole heart so of course I miss her with my whole heart. The loss was recent (August 18, 2011) so my pain is real & the loss has showed me how much my Mama meant to so many. The stories were so appreciated from the lovely ladies of our church things I did know & more appreciated the things I didn’t know. Every day with Mama was a treat & I know I will always want to have more but she was a great person and those are hard to find.

  5. Cool. Think I am going to come and pitch a tent in your yard to taste all your goodies. 😉