Monarch Butterfly


I was lucky to notice this Monarch Butterfly outside the window. It flew away giving me time to grab the camera and capture it when it returned for a landing on the rose bush. At one time there were two together but the camera couldn’t focus fast enough. Delightful!

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  1. You were @ the right time in the right place to catch the Monarch butterfly landing on the rose bush.
    Great picture !

  2. So cool, Miriam! I had a few flutter through this week, too (Corpus Christi, TX) It’s the tail-end of the major group that has been migrating through the past 2 months. Sure hope those straying fall behinds make it before it gets too cold. We had freezing temps last weekend… 🙁


  3. I’ve seen their yearly congregation neat Santa Cruz, Calif.
    There are thousand upon thousands flocked together.
    So many that the look like one solid mass of Monarch.
    You can’t tell one from the other. Truly an incredible sight.