1. Ophelia Wave on

    Hey Guys,

    …that IS an amazing colour of yellow….As i write the word…colour…i am reminded of something new i learned about the english language of the south of wherever… B4 english took over to rule thru capitalism…”or” used 2 Be “our”…color used 2 Be colour.. i’m going back 2 colour…our true colour…yellow the colour of the sun…how kool is dat…???!!!

  2. Wow isn’t that a pleasant shade of Yellow. Saying Hello, look at me I’m sunny Yellow here, to say Hi, Be Happy! Thank you for sharing!! Its getting unbelievably Hot, humid & oppressive here! Hope its nice near you! Taking care of my ill Cat, Stinkie! Hoping for her Miracle! Thank you for sharing and all you do in the memory of the lost loved ones! I appreciate it all!