October Growth


October has been a month of new sprouts and shoots. The crispy stuff is turning green. Please notice the germination of the Kalanchoe Pinnata that given to me by a good friend. All I had to do was put one edge of the leaf in the soil and soon it sprouted babies. Some of the pictures are of the grecian urn plant which looks like two hands coming up from the soil and the star of good hope /ornithogalum saundersiae  http://bigbuzzspecialevents.com/mysisterdalesgarden/photo-gallery/star-of-good-hope-ornithogalum-saundersiae/

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  1. i luv all new growth
    saturday morning, i saw bearded iris and narcisus blooming – they do double duty on this side of the Mtns, sometimes. i think the milder weather tricks them into thinking spring is a twice a year event :0

  2. Anuga, sorry to hear about Rabbi Levine. Yes, the cycle of life is a wonder–never what you think it’s going to be.

  3. The cycle of life is still a wonder….
    I would like to dedicate the new growing plants to Rabbi Avi Levine who passed away few days ago after a long battle with cancer. May he rest in peace.
    Love, Anuga

  4. Chris, this is my favorite part—sharing the garden with people who are climate challenged!!

  5. Amazing ~ while we had snow on the ground in Connecticut, I can enjoy the greenery somewhere else; I love it

  6. As my garden and yard dim with the gold and red leaves of fall, blown on the cool autumnal winds, I dedicate these little green gems of hope that spring will come again… to Miriam. Dale’s garden has an amazing caretaker; I bless the day that I began getting the emails with such beautiful photographs of flowers and plants so that I, too, can walk in Dale’s garden and be blessed with the peace and joy it brings! Peace, love and light!