Oro Blanco


The Oro Blanco is getting bigger everyday. We’ve had to add a support brace.  We’ve learned from previous seasons that they are ready to pick earlier than we thought. This fruit is juicy and delightful. Here is some information that I posted earlier. ” A cross between a Duncan white grapefruit and a pummelo, the Oro Blanco was developed by the University of California in Riverside, California. This great grapefruit variety is very sweet even when grown in coastal areas having low summer heat. Specifically developed to be produced in a colder climate, grapefruits were typically only cultivated in warm regions. Oro Blanco grapefruits are also known as Sweetie, which are the grapefruits imported from Israel. Grown in the desert, Oro Blanco grapefruits do not offer much flavor. Hot desert temperatures that sometimes can reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit may be the reason for the lack of flavor. Heat may inhibit the chemical processes needed to generate the sugar content in grapefruit.”  Previous pictures can be found here. http://bigbuzzspecialevents.com/mysisterdalesgarden/photo-gallery/oro-blanco-march-2011/    and   http://bigbuzzspecialevents.com/mysisterdalesgarden/photo-gallery/oro-blanco/

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  1. and they are HEAVY – maybe the easy apr/may weather will give them a splash of flavor this year?