Oxalis Varieties


My friend sent me tons of Oxalis bulbs. So many different varieties. I planted them all over the garden. Many of them have emerged and are showing leaves of different and unique shapes. Some have flowered. The best ones haven’t flowered yet. They are assorted colors ranging from light pink to dayglo fuchsia, yellow and salmon. This is what’s showing now. The flowers are small and dainty ranging in size from a dime to a quarter. The latest development is some unknown “creature” is digging up some of the bulbs. I guess I’ll have to play detective again!



  1. The leaves & the flowers are very unique because of the variety of the forms & colors.
    Sending best wishes for Happy Thanksgiving to you & family.

  2. The leaf and stem variation on your collection is so wide ranging and very beautiful. The flowers are sweet frosting but I especially love the varied plant forms and colors. Thanks so much for including me in your mailings. I am hoping all is good in yours and Jim’s life and sending love to you both.