Panama Pacific and Something Yellow


If you are a garden friend then you have seen many photos of this beautiful purple Panama Pacific waterlily. It is growing stronger each day. Unlike the other water lilies the blooms last for several days and continues to send up new buds. There is something yellow and tiny that has made its way into the pond. Anyone know what this is?  Hot off the press—Pat says it’s Greater Bladderwort—read about it—it’s  carnivorous 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL… the flowers and the photos. The lighting and shadows are so perfect they look like they’ve been
    hand painted by GOD.

  2. i’ll send her your way as soon as she’s finished knocking some old, negative stuff out of my head 😉 she and my mom are working on me at the moment 😉 (9th anniversary of her death is coming up in november, so they’re working hard together on me right now)

  3. yep that’s bladderwort alright. my momma josie had it in her pond and would use it (as a tea but i’m not a doctor and didn’t even play one on tv, lol) to cure urinary tract and bladder infections. she warned me that those uses didn’t have anything to do with the name because it also is a diuretic and can be quite dangerous. but it’s an unusual plant, quite beautiful, i think. i love it among the blue of the panama pacific, such an ethereal water lily!

  4. I honor all those that lost their battles to Cancer! But I do envy they’re finally painfree. Pretty flowers are heartwarming! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Pat, It does look like bladderwort. I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for the link I’ll post it—imagine that—it’s carnivorous. Thanks again.

  6. Kathy Henrickson on

    Miriam, these are the most beautiful photo’s. The close up of the flower is amazing. Just Beautiful. Thanks for the beauty this morning. Love you!