I  glanced out the window and saw what I thought were two new leaves growing among the primrose. As I got closer I saw they were moving and attached to this cute bunny.The detail in the bunny’s ears fascinates me. As cute as this bunny is it spells trouble for Dale’s Garden. It consumes huge amounts of greens in a short period of time. So far it’s content with munching on the lawn and primrose but if it develops a more refined palate it will go for the precious blooms and new growth. I believe that it has dug a hole under the little deck at the most vulnerable place in Dale’s Garden. I’ve set out a humane trap but so far it is not interested. I watched this bunny for over an hour play among the birds. At one point it started digging in a shaded area and layed down. I thought maybe it was sick from eating primrose and that nature would solve my problem. I was wrong it was taking a short siesta and digesting all the food it had eaten. It has a routine and comes out about 2:00 in the afternoon when all the birds are on the lawn. It feels protected among the starlings, verdin, house finches and I think either warblers or goldfinches. If you can identify the birds please let me know. Use the PicLens and do a slideshow to see all the pictures and for best clarity.