It’s the Neomarica Gracilis or Walking Iris. The pattern is very unusual. Trust mother nature to come up with this unique combination of colors. It is also called the Apostle’s Iris. From the Iris family it has sword shaped leaves and fragrant flowers. The delicate flowers last only a day but the plant continues to form new blooms for long periods of time during late spring months. Makes also an excellent houseplant. This is not a water Iris, be careful not to overwater. Neomarica gracilis is a type of walking Iris. Once the flower is spent, the stem that it was born on lays to the ground and from that a new plant is formed. For that reason it is said to be walking across your garden. You can divide plants and plant them in new locations. Enjoy!!Please view the photos with the PicLens for the best clarity and to make sure you don’t miss any of the photos.