1. My dear friend, Judy in Mississippi, sent me a picture recently of fairy lilies in her yard. She is an amazing woman and i dedicate these to her.

  2. Oh I just bought a hibiscus mainly because of a little diddy my mom used to say to us kids. …Hedda was hoping to hop to Tahiti to buy a hibiscus to hang on her hat….etc. I thought it was very funny.

    Anyway, I haven’t put it in the ground yet because I’m not sure of the best spot. Any suggestions???


  3. Beautiful I didn’t get all my pots out this year and these were amoung the ones that didn’t get out. Needless to say I still have not seen my bloom. Sure enjoy yours though. Thank you!

  4. Oh this title made me think of my precious Grand daughter Lilly that just turned 2! I love Pink for the color and the meaning!I can’t thank you enough for sharing these beautiful gardens with us! Especially with coldfront temperatures upon us! Have a Happy Fall. I just lost a friend that passed from her cancer. It breaks my heart. But I fear my only way to be free of pain is to pass too.