Pomegranate Harvest 2017


It’s that time of year. The tree was loaded with fruit. Some of the pomegranate got so big it burst inside the protective bags. We did our best to protect the fruit from the birds but as you can see they are determined to share in the bounty!!



  1. Hi Miriam: Love the colors of fall and the smell of the pomegranates. Even the juice in a drink is a delight. Hope all goes well. Happy Thanksgiving! Lenna

  2. Enid Aimee Stewart on

    GORGEOUS! That’s one of my favorite colors. I think of you & your pom bounty everywhere I see them in the store & at the farmer’s market, where none can compare to yours!! What variety of pom tree do you have? I know there are a number of different ones; you definitely found the kind that thrives in the new norm of Tucson’s irregular weather. Thank you for the eye candy : 0 ) Hugs, Enid Aimee.

  3. Dale would be so proud. Your pomegranate harvest is BEAUTIFUL. I love it when you can hear the kernels POP as they’re eaten and the juice squirts everywhere and your fingers turn black. We used to eat these every single day here in Tucson when I was a kid and most of the time we would eat 2 a day! I wonder if that gave my health a boost. I’m 66 and today I took my blood pressure – 120/70 and pulse: 69 and I take no medication whatsoever. ENJOY this beautiful gift!



    You have a Beautiful Harvest and Garden. I so enjoy the pictures you send.
    Enjoy the fall.

  5. What a gorgeous harvest! Thanks for sending it along.
    Happy November to you both!