Ponds To Iris Gardens


We spent the whole weekend switching out the ponds to Iris Gardens. I put all the water lilies and lotus in the galvanized pond in the backyard. The water lilies and lotus are putting out new leaves. I only hope the bees will let me near to photograph and enjoy the beauty. Not certain if the iris, canna and marginals will take a while to acclimate to soil. Time will tell if we get flowers or have to wait until next year. It’s a wait and see game on the persimmon tree. There were flower buds forming before we took it out of the pot and planted it. Think good thoughts that mother nature and Dale will take over.



  1. Kathy Henrickson on

    Dale is smiling down on you! You are a wonderful sister and friend. Thank you for sharing the process.

  2. I love the stone too!! Also the galvanized tub is really cool. That’s lots of love and hard work right there!

  3. sharon johnson on

    Once again you have a vision that has changed and grown into a new beauty…Iris’s always bed down for the winter and then BAM, one day, they again pose there beautiful heads and continue on with their lives giving us not only last years memories but TODAY’s gift, much like your beloved Dale…LOVELY my friend, so very LOVELY.
    thank you for sharing your beauty with this world.

  4. Shalom Miriam,
    Thanks for sharing your new improved part of Dale’s garden. I hope that that all will grow.
    Happy spring..

  5. Woooow…I just love the custom stone, that kinda sounds funny but I think that rock makes all the difference! Cool stuff…

  6. Thank you so much for continuing to share Dales Garden AZ and its evolution with me! Your former islands of water morphed into islands of iris very beautifully, though the transformation looks like quite the work-out!
    xoxo julie

  7. Wow, Mim, that was a heck of a lot of work, but I think it will look lovely when it all fills in! Looking forward to future photos!

  8. I love the artful way that the gardens are set up – but I especially like the fact that everyone commemorates a loved one; gone but very much on the mind