1. nice cluster of buds, they began blooming in PS about 2 weeks ago, a bit warmer here, nice to have them close to the ground ~ for pics

  2. Barb Chester on

    Mir, wait til I show Ron your Saguaro cactus “buds” picture, he will really be jealous now! Barb

  3. Yes, they are lovely and what blessed rain last night! The fragrance is so beautiful…and more to come…
    The desert is the most magical place,, No where can you see acres and acres of blooms…

    To respond to the lady who said why are you living in a jungle???? First it is a green jungle full of life .. the jungle does not have mountains like these and sunsets that bring wonder and joy to one’s heart! You have to make a choice between asphalt jungle and green jungles….whether here or else where… Go where your heart sings…
    For people who choose desert… and for me… I could not leave ever… as everyday I bless God for the gift of living here and the peace and serenity the high desert brings. Spring everywhere is such a gift and here it is simply magical…May all experience the new birth of Spring and beauty beyond imaginations… I am sure Aunt Helen is happy you are here where your heart is full.. Miriam, I know you are in the right spot and your Spirit is generous and happy!
    thanks for sharing your beautiful garden.. and your dedication to your Sister!
    many continued Blessings.. nancy

  4. Aunt Helen is looking down and keeping us safe!! No gorillas or elephants to worry about.

  5. I still want to know why you’re living in a jungle…Your Aunt Helen would ask the same thing.
    Love you.

  6. In San Felipe area we have Cardon cactus, a species of Saguaro, 50 feet tall and a huge trunk, large white flowers, They are indigenous to the Baja. Seeing your saguaro makes me ‘homesick”.