1. I think the garden flowers you share with everyone on the bc list are beautiful. They remind me of my sister Kathy who passed away from bc in 2001, Nov. She loved flowers esp sweet peas and roses. It’ll be 10 years for my sister this year, mom and I will put roses pink ones on her grave Nov 16 and a poem in memoriam in the newspaper. 10 years is so long, too long since I saw her. I lost my dad 2 years ago April 17, and my mom had bc surgery, masectomy on Aug 18, 2010, lumpectomy on 1/26/11 and now her blood cancer levels are high, pet scan is nov 4. I have lost my entire family except mom to cancer and I fear I am going to lose her tho I am trying to stay positive. I was tested for the genes and came up double negative somehow the genes are recessive with just me! I am the only one in mourning for my lost family and what my mother is going through right now, I wish I could take away the worry and pain of all her surgeries. I don’t want to be alone. The past few years I have planted gardening, it helps me somehow. I have flox glove, roses, tulips, daffodils, gladdiolas, petunias, iris, you name it. I love belle lillies. I planted pink ones in memory of my sister last year. Thank you for the beautiful flowers! Christine

  2. I missed visitng Dale’s Garden in the last few days. Too much going on….
    Purple is one of my favotire colors. I enjoy all bright colors & Dale’s garden has them all.
    The purple flowers are Lovely gifts to end the week.

  3. i dedicate these shades of the color purple to the amazing, “big black beautiful women” who were like second mothers to me, miss maggie and miss gladys. they taught me about soul food, they taught me about the human soul, how every single soul is a gift from God.