1. Beverly, good call—It’s in the same family—I think it’s a sauromatum. It’s been coming up for about 3 years and never bloomed. My dracunculus–in another area has bloomed once out of 4 years.

  2. I have to ask…is the first two Voodoo plants? Everything looks so happy.The Agave looks like he could really give a pain. However I love them.

  3. Everything is so pretty. Anything pink makes me smile & feel a special fight message for Hope!

  4. aaaah, the little pink primrose, which we called “butter cups” in the deep south when i was a kid, reminds me of simpler times when there was laughter at the “butter” (pollen) on your nose because the girl next door just mashed it in your face… good memories. thanks for sharing, Miriam!