Squash and Veggies


The garden has produced some lovely Marina Di Chioggia squash,big zucchini,squash blossoms and tomatoes.  This was taken from a post on  http://boldosthoughtsonfood.blogspot.com/2008/10/marina-di-chioggia.html ” The Marina di Chioggia originated in the seaside village of Chioggia near Venice on Italy’s Adriatic coast. Chioggia is also the home of the Chioggia Beet, also known as the “candy stripped” beet for its alternating concentric rings of scarlet red and white inside. This squash/pumpkin is a member of the cucurbita maxima family and is somewhat turban shaped with a green to blue-green skin. Its Italian name literally means “Chioggia sea pumpkin,” and it is an heirloom variety, not a seed company hybrid. It is a good keeper, storing up to 6 months in a cool, dry place, although the skin may change color with time from green to a dark orange. In Italy it isn’t uncommon to see street vendors of these squash grilling slices with a little olive oil, salt and pepper for passers by to eat with their fingers. Waverly Root in The Food of Italymentions zucca gialla di Chioggia in marinata where peeled slices of squash are baked with olive oil, then garnished with basil leaves, and the squash slices have boiling vinegar, in which salt and pepper have been cooked, poured over them. The squash is then eaten cold after several hours in the marinade.”

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