Stapelia Gigantea


A gardening friend said she was going to bring over a present. She was very excited –something about plants called Stapelia which were blooming. As soon as I saw it I thought what a great gift. The bloom is unique and shaped like a star. We decided not to plant it but rather place it in a spot and see how it responded. The next day while sitting at my computer window I noticed a rank, overwhelming smell— something like road kill. Turns out this beautiful flower emits a stench to attract flies. The Stapelia has been relocated to the back end of the garden where she can bloom and I can admire her from a distance.

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  1. I read that when these are grown indoors, food must be supplied, as with any live feeding plant. The Venus Fly Trap is another of these plants that, if kept inside, will need to eat. So the grower must supply ants, gnats, flies, bodies of small moths etc. (without the wings) so the plant will thrive. Just some info you may be interested in. Diannah

  2. My grandmother had this plant for years and years. It never bloomed for her. Very unusual looking bloom.

  3. I really love this one. Don’t pick it though. Once off the plant it really smells bad. I found this out the hard way. lol

  4. Indeed, very unique flower that create special overpowering smell.
    Thanks for teaching me something new.

  5. you can just see some of the first eggs they were laying, thinking it is a dead critter… but alas
    the S. gigantea just uses the fly’s to cross pollinate the flowers.