Sunday Water Lilies


I guess sharing the galvanized pond with the bees isn’t so bad. Was able to capture these shots dodging the bees. In fact I think there is a small pink lotus peeking up. This is the first lotus dalesgarden has ever produced—couldn’t get one to flower in California so I’m thrilled to have one here. There are about 17 pictures so use the arrow at the bottom of the picture or just slide to advance to the next photo.



  1. Laurie, Thanks for the compliment. I regret to report that the flower I thought and hoped was a lotus was a water lily. Drats!!! But there’s still plenty of time for a lotus to surprise us.

  2. Laurie Michaud on

    Miriam, Your photography is as beautiful as the flowers. I’m looking forward to seeing the lotus bloom. Lotus is one of my favorite flowers!
    Thank you for sharing the beauty,

  3. looking really nice. I love flowers, that’s one thing I do miss about not having a sticks and bricks.

  4. sharon johnson on

    STUNNER my friend,,,I am sure DALE is delighted at her new abode in beautiful Tucson sure caught the regal beauty

  5. Lovely photos, Miram – I tried a small container pond last year and because I couldn’t stand when it got dirty, I had a fountain in it. My Water Lily wouldn’t bloom, I was told it’s because they don’t like ‘moving’ water. I live in the Houston, TX area with all the humidity and mosquitoes so I couldn’t just let the water stay ‘still’ and unclean. I guess I won’t try again this year – I’ll just use it as a water fountain.

    Thanks for sharing your photos 🙂