Sunflowers Shining


The sunflowers are doing great. Have a few varieties here. Some seeds were sent by friend and some seeds I picked up locally. They are attracting bees and spiders so look closely. Also the Cleopatra Canna that I have been waiting patiently for has finally started to bloom. It’s the half red half yellow flower. Dale surprised me with another canna bloom that is speckled with red. Nature and Dale are wonderful. Lots of pictures to look at. I’m not good at deleting and editing pictures so just breeze through them and hope it doesn’t get boring.



  1. how refreshing to see the colorful flowers in your garden, we are enduring high temps and wind. also saw two coyotes within the last week on the golf course behind our house

    thanks for sharing

  2. Enid Aimee Stewart on

    LOVE the Sunflower silhouette with the blue sky & abstract cloud backdrop. Sunflower yellow is my go-to imagery color when I’m having trouble getting to sleep . . . Yelllll-low feels Mellll-low : 0)
    I can see how it would be difficult to decide what to edit, discard— so many splendid photos.
    Hope the bees don’t bother you again. Cheers, L.oving N.anny Enid.

  3. Shelby Snider on

    Miriam, I always enjoy your pictures! I like the ones that shows the flowers heart, not the ones from a distance. And you show their hearts. You also make great pictures!! Thanks for showing Dale’s Gardens.

    Shelby from Roanoke, VA.

  4. Wow.. amazing.. so glad your garden recuperated… I have not seen some of your varieties… The spotted ones… wowza.. Thanks for sharing! Now for monsoon rains… Sending you blessings, Nancy

  5. Kathy Henrickson on

    Your photos are so professional and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Love & miss you both. ?

  6. Patty, Yes the Cannas are gorgeous. It’s a treat every time I look out the dining room window.

  7. Shalom Miriam,
    It’s so wonderful to go through your Arizona garden.
    Dale has been busy giving US beautiful gifts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful! Thank You so much for sharing these with us. The beauty lifts my spirit! Gorgeous flowers and blue sky. Love that you allow the visiting insects to run free there too! God Nless you and your sisters garden of Eden in the beautiful southwest. (: