Tabebuia Chrysotricha


About five years ago I planted three tabebuia chrysotricha seeds. With delusions of grandeur I imagined them springing up and adorning the yard with beautiful yellow blooms. What happened is that two of the seeds never germinated. The one that germinated had to be moved to a better location and its survival was questionable.  Totally thrilled months later I discovered it growing through some candida fairy lilies. Next time I looked at it only to find that something had been nibbling on its tender trunk and was now nothing more than a tiny stump. Well this tree wants to grow,  not sure if it will bloom in my lifetime. There wasn’t much to photograph so I only have this one photo.

Here’s a link to see how pretty the blooms will be.



  1. Wow that will have some awsome blooms. Wish it was hardy in my zone. My golden rain tree seeds I started won’t come close to your beauty.

  2. I LOVE those tree’s when they are blooming, the yellow is awesome !!
    There are a few down the street from my house if U need/want more seeds.
    They have pods now, and i can check if they are ready …

    delusions of grandeur – i am always having this get in my way when dealing with plants 🙂