The Start of Dalesgarden in Arizona


After seven wonderful years it was time to leave California and the house where we first created Dalesgarden. We decided to relocate in the Arizona desert and brought many cuttings and memories from there hoping to re-create (on a much smaller scale) another Dalesgarden. The people that bought our house have turned it into a fantastic exclusive rental property. We take comfort in reading the reviews from people that stay at our previous house. They comment on how they love walking through the gardens and are thrilled to sampleĀ from the many fruit trees.

Here are pictures of the start of the Arizona Dalesgarden……..






  1. We are going to add more fruit trees and plant a vegetable garden in another area on the property. So glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures. I am thrilled to have water lilies blooming after leaving California.

  2. Laurie Michaud on

    Oh, Miriam,
    The garden is gorgeous! You’ve certainly put in tons of work to get it looking this way! My parents used to live in the Tucson area, and I imagine you do too. The Saguaro cactus are a big give away :-). What more could you do? It is just beautiful!