These Are Popping Up


Not sure what these will be. They look like amaryllis of some kind. I’ve planted so many different bulbs in the garden only to think they didn’t survive. I guess they have been storing up reserves and will make an appearance soon. I hope they send up a flower stalk otherwise I’ll still be wondering what they are. Maybe they are really late amaryllis belladonna that are just producing leaves this season and will do flowers next season. Any guesses?

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  1. Hello, yes does look like amaryllis – never seen them growen outside before – thank you for sharing
    your garden – love & light Lorraine

  2. Both Lycoris and Amaryllis belladonna (any of these “naked” type) are commonly called “Naked Ladies”. I would lean toward the A. belladonna as they more commonly do the end of summer leaf growth. Lycoris can, but it is not nearly as common…

  3. It is not uncommon for the A. belladonna leaf cycle to occur in the fall, especially in hotter climes – I’m not sure, but if they still follow the same leaf/bloom pattern, you will probably not get blooms for several months; these leaves will die-back and then suddenly one day you will see phallic looking shoots popping up and a few days later your first blooms…
    An amazing trick of nature, IMHO.

  4. I love it when the garden surprises me, I can’t wait to see what these green leaves will produce! (looks like an amaryllis to me too, but what kind? what color? I like this!)

  5. Thank you! I hoped for something for our 31st Wedding Anniversary today. A mystery plant! Like the mysteries in life! Thank you!

  6. Surprises are so much fun. They look nice and happy so it won’t be long before you find out what they are.