Through The Window This Morning


My new camera takes better pictures through glass windows. Two deer came up to sample the just budding Saguaro flowers. We had a deer come through the veggie garden the other night. It ate 2 tomato plants and all the pole bean, sugar snap, green bean shoots and trampled broccoli and a few other goodies. Husband has since secured the garden and I have re-planted. I’ve included 2 pictures of my favorite hot air balloon that floats over our house.

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  1. It’s too bad about your garden veggies but nice to see the deer up close. We have had deer around our house all winter. They eat everything from our compost pile. I hope they don’t come around the garden after I have planted.

  2. Judy, Yes so different from California. The mountain in California was beautiful but almost the same everyday. Here the scenery is constantly changing.

  3. Lisa Peterson on

    Nice pictures, Miriam! Guess the deer in your garden didn’t like broccoli… Living in urban Seattle, I forget that they can be real pests (my rose bushes here wouldn’t stand a chance if they were around). We see deer when we’re at our Ocean Shores condo–they come through the ‘back yard’ (ocean side), and when we drive on the canal side of town, seems like there are quite a few. I like urban wildlife as long as they don’t dine in my yard 🙂
    Hope you’re well, thanks for the glimpse of the desert!

  4. Very nice photos of the deer. The landscape is so much different in Arizona than it was in California isn’t it?

  5. Beautiful buck! And it looked like a doe hiding in the bush. I didn’t know that deer (elk?) liked to eat cactus! Thank you for sharing. :-).