Vegetable Garden Going Strong


No monsoon yet!! I know these veggies are waiting patiently. Battling white flies and spider mites but I think I have it under control. The corn is almost ready to be pollinated. Lots of herbs too!. We have enjoyed plenty of cucumbers. The Persian baby cukes seem to grow overnight—better homegrown than buying at Trader Joes. Great flavor. The Chelsea English ones are delish too!! I’m not so thrilled with the Armenian cukes—don’t think I will plant those next year. This has been such a learning experience for me. Wish I could share the bounty with you.



  1. One would never know these photos are of vegetation flourishing in the desert heat of 112 DEGREES! Don’t sell yourself short. You are a master gardener! The vegetable florals are as pretty as your courtyard florals : 0 )

  2. Makes me hungry for fresh veggies from a garden. The cucumbers and peppers are my favorites. Everything is so green and I know how hot it has been. The sprinklers must be going hours.

  3. sharon johnson on

    As Always, so beautiful to look at, hoping BIG for monsoon so all the living things, including us can get watered and cooled off…Thanks for the mouth watering posts

  4. This season we are not gardening, but I have a great deal of admiration for anyone who can maintain and harvest a veggie garden.

    This summer I am enjoying sitting in our back yard; it’s a great place to relax, while the side effects of chemo blow over